Propuesta Civica and ContingenteMx, release on #Finfisher acquisition by Mexican goverment

Propuesta Cívica y ContingenteMx
After confirmation of the acquisition of the “finfisher” spyware on behalf of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) by the company Obses de México SA de CV, made public by the Reforma newspaper in its issue of July 6 this year, and because this program has been used in other countries to monitor journalists and human rights advocates we argue that:

• Given the potential risks of violation of the rights to privacy of personal data and freedom of expression it is essential that the authorities give broad  and sufficent information about the acquisition of these types of software and technologies for monitoring processes and about the bidding and purchase processes, of the agencies that use it, whoever is responsible, the rules of operation and data management from the companies contracted to operate it.

Monitoring programs must undergo the most rigorous procedures of transparency, oversight and control.

• We demand from the authorities a comprehensive report on the occasions on which this program has been used, and the list of judicial authorizations or if criminal proceedings initiated by illegal use, as well as the initiation of criminal proceedings against officials and former officials who allegedly authorized the purchase of this program at a premium of more than 100 percent.

• We call on Internet providing companies hosting this program to collaborate extensively with the authorities of IFAI and with any authority that eventually has information about this matter, in order to know the details of the operation  FinFisher, and its scopes, all for the bennefit of their own customers.

• To the Standing Committee of The Congress of the Union we request to extend the the point of agreement presented by Congressman Juan Pablo Adame on Wednesday June 3rd in order to  include the PGR in the foregoing terms.

•To the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Data Protection we request to accelerate the requierments to providing companies and to extend the investigation to the PGR and to other companies that have acquired finfisher.

• We call upon all citizens to continue to support the demand for investigations and to improve  their digital security practices.

The defense of our fundamental right not to be the object of arbitrary interference in our prívate lives will require a change in consciousness and a higher level of democratic culture, in which the State sets clearly marked boundaries and that the type of technology used in their security programs operates with legality and transparency.

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