U.S. Embassy, in coallition with the Mexican Government, takes part in website censorship

The digital rights collective ContingenteMX pronounced today against
censorship of 1DMx.org website

On December 1, 2012; the first day Enrique Peña Nieto took off as
President in the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro, # YoSoy132 movement
and other social organizations called to a demonstration against him.
During that day, citizens’ demonstrations were beaten by a police
operation in which numerous abuses of authority against civilian
participants were recorded.

The police was organized by the Federal Secretariat of Public Security,
the Ministry of Public Security of the Federal District, including
police shock groups, coordinated with the police forces.  Citizens and
journalists documented the abuses; irregularities were also reported in
subsequent court proceedings.

Some of the events recorded that day include: the injuries suffered by
the Professor Juan Francisco Kuykendall by the federal police (that
ultimately caused him his deteriorating physical condition and death),
the disappearance of Teodulfo Torres, eyewitness and his friend. Uriel
Sandoval’s loss of an eye by a rubber bullet fired by a policeman, and
more than 100 arbitrary arrests, many of which occurred in places far
from the facts.

Evidence gathered by protesters, journalists and activists was collected
through a collaborative digital platform called #1DMx, this was also the
hashtag under which the protests were called. The site http://1dmx.org
worked since then as a space to gather video and photographic evidence
of arbitrary detention and abuse of authority, evidence that became key
to legal defense and subsequent release of unjustly imprisoned people.
To the date not a single police officer or official has been punished
for the violations to human rights that occurred that day.

In 2013, a year of repression, the 1dmx.org page was redesigned to
gather opinion articles, images and videos on social protest. This site
was being prepared to return as space to receive complaints of authority
abuse and evidence of arbitrary detentions.  However, the Mexican
federal government, through the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, asked
GoDaddy.com to disable and block this site from the global Internet.

The company, GoDaddy.com, disabled the 1dmx.org domain and web server on
December 2, 2013; after receiving the order. When the company was asked
by 1dmx.org, it stated that at the request of Mexican authorities, the
site was “under investigation”.

ContingenteMX condemns this direct attack to freedom of expression
online. We demand to the National Security Commissioner, Manuel
Mondragón y Kalb, and Interior Secretary Miguel Osorio Chong, a clear
explanation to the request to the U.S. Embassy. We demand the revocation
of the request, and an investigation on the participation of the public
officials involved in this decision.

Finally, we call to the social organizations, collectives, and all users
of the Internet to support the campaign #CensuraMEXta and defend our
rights online.



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